Activity Plan:

  • UNLCI offers non-credit Chinese language and culture classes for UNL students, staff and faculty members, K-12 school students and the general public. Most of these classes are taught by instructors who come from China and are funded by Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters).
  • UNLCI sponsors a Chinese Bridge Summer Camp each year for middle and high school students to spend two weeks in China experiencing education and culture.
  • UNLCI hosts annual Chinese Speech Competitions to promote Chinese language and culture learning.
  • UNLCI offers UNL-CI scholarships each year to qualified UNL undergraduate students. The institute helps to coordinate UNL studentÂ’'s summer study abroad in China as part of this scholarship.
  • UNLCI regularly administers the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) to language students.  The test is required for teachers to become certified in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Nebraska.
  • UNLCI trains K-12 school teachers in Nebraska to teach Chinese, helps schools to develop Chinese curriculum at all levels, and helps to establish distance learning programs for select schools.
  • UNLCI works with university and local Chinese student and scholar associations to organize and/or sponsor Chinese cultural events and activities such as Ping Pong Competitions, art exhibits, lectures, performances and movie festivals.
  • UNLCI organizes an annual China Culture Tour for Nebraska Educators including public school superintendents and administrators, UNL faculty, and Nebraska state educational officials.
  • UNLCI hosts a Chinese Culture Workshop for public school teachers to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and history for a weekend.
  • UNLCI staff, working with UNL Administration, will develop a long-range plan for future program development.
  • UNLCI continues to partner with public and private entities to serve as a resource center on Chinese issues for local communities, businesses and schools in Nebraska. The Institute also makes reference materials available to Nebraska educators and other professionals to use.
  • UNLCI will offer non-credit Business Chinese (based on demands) for local businesses and industries that are currently doing or planning to do business or trade with China. These classes are specifically designed to meet learners' objectives and goals.