Chinese Film Festival

Chinese Film Festival
Friday, September 30, 2016 to Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Join us for the 2016 Chinese Film Festival. Free and open to the public!  Between September 30 and October 5, we will be showing three Chinese films at the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center (313 N. 13th St. Lincoln, NE). The three films are Cold WarThe Great Magician, and Beijing, New York.

Friday, September 30: BEIJING, NEW YORK @ 8 p.m.

Saturday, October 1: COLD WAR @ 7 p.m.

Sunday, October 2: THE GREAT MAGICIAN @ 1 p.m. & BEIJING, NEW YORK @ 3:30 p.m.

Monday, October 3: COLD WAR @ 5 p.m.

Tuesday, October 4: THE GREAT MAGICIAN @ 7 p.m.

Wednesday, October 5: BEIJING, NEW YORK @ 5 p.m.

COLD WAR (Han Zhan)

Directed by Lok Man Leung & Kim-Ching Luk  – 2012 – Rated R – 1 hour, 41 mintues

Synopsis: The mysterious disappearance of five decorated Hong Kong police officers leads to a tense game of cat-and-mouse between a brilliant gang of hijackers, and a task force that fails to realize the true scope of the situation. Aaron Kwok, Tony Leong Ka-Fai, and Charlie Young star in this action-packed thriller featuring a special appearance by Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers).


The Great Magician (Damo Shushi)

Directed by Derek Yea – 2012 – Not Rated – 2 hours, 8 minutes

Synopsis: A famous Chinese magician attempts to rescue his fiancée from a powerful warlord in this drama set after the fall of the Qing dynasty, and adapted from the novel by Zhang Haifan. His country divided in the wake of the Revolution, famed illusionist Zhang (Tony Leung) is troubled to discover that clever warlord Bully Lei (Ching Wan Lau) is using magic to amass a powerful army. Even worse, Bully Lei has imprisoned Zhang's former flame, and intends to make her his seventh wife. Later, when Zheng's plan to rescue his love goes awry, the two talented illusionists face off in the ultimate battle of magical might.


BEIJING, NEW YORK (Beijing Niuyue)

Directed by Rain Le – 2015 – Not Rated – 1 hour, 47 minutes

Synopsis: BEIJING, NEW YORK is a touching and complex love story that bridges time, distance and culture, intertwining the lives of two Chinese childhood friends and an American artist. It is set against the backdrop of economic power shift between China and America. As the film's complex love triangle takes the audience on a wild ride, interweaving its way through the plot and each character's unique existence, it ultimately forces each of them to face life's eternal questions head-on.  BEIJING, NEW YORK is a truthful and thrilling look into the journey to find true happiness and the joy, pain and adventure that ensues when one is forced to integrate their dreams into reality.