Nebraskan Businesses

Thinking about doing business in China?

The Confucius Institute can help!

We are a non-profit organization affiliated with the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. We exist to serve the community in building ties, connections, and knowledge about China.

As a part of our mission, we provide basic services to help the business community to establish connections with partners in China, including basic language classes, advisement on social, cultural and living issues in China, and other services to help you work and live in China. Need a local Chinese translator? Don’t know where to get a Chinese visa? Need some background information on a Chinese company? We are here to serve.

Why should my business learn more about China?

China might seem far away, but Nebraska is as connected to China as it is to Iowa. In 2016, China was Nebraska’s second largest trading partner. In May 2017, the Chinese government announced that they would lift the twelve year ban on the import of US beef, which only bears good tidings for Nebraskan businesses.

Opportunities in China are boundless, but there are also considerable pitfalls and risk. A basic knowledge of the social, political, and cultural context can help you avoid some of the most common and costly mistakes.

Ways the Confucius Institute can help Nebraskan businesses:

• Low-cost Chinese language classes

• Provide free advice and consultation

• Office seminars and lectures on China

• Basic translation services or recommend professional translators

• Basic business intelligence

• Help with Chinese visa applications

• Recommend professional business services that specialize in China