In order to assure the safety of our students, teachers, and staff, the Confucius Institute at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln will institute the following policies and procedures:

Class Cancellation due to Inclimate Weather

If UNL cancels classes due to weather, all Confucius Institute activities and classes will be cancelled as well.

During weekend classes, the Confucius Institute will determine whether conditions are safe enough for students and teachers to make it to campus to attend class.  If the call will is made to cancel class, the information will be posted to the CI website no later than 10:00 AM that day.  Please watch the CI home page for information about closing. Teachers will also email and/or call their students about the closing.

Class cancellations due to inclimate weather will not be made up unless more than two occur in a semester. In such as case, additional classes will be added at the end of the semester or upon consultation and unanimous agreement with students on alternative times.

Class Withdrawal Policy

If for any reason you cannot attend the course for which you have registered, you must submit a cancellation request to the Institute office before the first day of class to receive a refund.  A full refund will be granted, less an administrative fee of $20.

In the first week of classes, you may submit a withdrawal request and receive a full refund, less an administrative fee of $20.

In the second week of classes, you may submit a withdrawl request and recieve a 50% refund.

No refunds will be granted after the second week.

Late Registration

Late registration is allowed during the first two weeks of the UNLCI semester. The classroom fee will not be prorated and it is the responsibility of the student to catch up on missed coursework. Registering for class after two weeks is discouraged and requires explicit permission from the instructor.

Student Behavior

Class instructors have the right to ask students to leave the class if they are behaving inappropriately, disruptively, and/or threatening the safety of students or the teacher.  Students should not use electronic devices or record classroom content without the instructors explicit permission. 

Youth Activity Waiver

All students under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign a youth activity waiver form as required by the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. The Youth Activity Waiver Form can be found here. Students under 18 who are unable to provide a youth activity waiver signed by a parent/guardian will not be allowed to take the course and will not be considered a student of the class nor will an early withdrawl refund be issued as per the withdrawl policy.

Class Switching

There is no penalty for changing classes in order to find an appropriate level class or a more appropriate time in the first two weeks of the course. Please notify the instructor and the Confucius Institute of any changes or for consultation. Students are responsible for making up any missed course work. After the second week, students will not be allowed to switch classes.

Parent Participation in Kids Classes

Parents may participate in Confucius Kids classes; however, parents physically present in the class will have pay as an adult student. We also ask parents to treat teachers with due respect in the classroom and allow them to determine the curriculum. Adults without children in Confucius Kids classes may not participate in Confucius Kids classes.

Contact the Confucius Institute at (402)472-5370 or confuciusinstitute@unl.edu for questions or cancellation requests.