Chinese Bridge Summer Camp

2015 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp is fast approaching!

The Chinese Bridge Summer Camp application for students ages 14-18 is now available!  The application deadline is Saturday, February 28.  Download the application for students here or for chaperones here.  A signed Acknowledgement form is also needed.  For questions, email Lei Shi at 

The 2015 Chinese Bridge-Summer Camp for U.S. High School Students will be held in China from July 16 to July 31. This year, the Hanban headquarters would like to invite 800 American high school students and chaperones to participate in the summer camp and open 10-30 places for each Confucius Institute/Classroom (student-chaperon ratio is about 10:1).
During the summer camp, students will go to different provinces or cities to have Chinese language classes and Chinese culture experiences in groups.  The headquarters will be responsible for their costs in China including food, accommodations and group activities. Students and chaperones will be responsible for international travel fees, international insurance, visa application fees and so on. To support this activity, Confucius Institute at UNL will provide a scholarship of $500 for each participant.  All students and chaperones should meet the following criteria:
Students must:
1. American citizen;    
2. High school students; age between 14 and 18; grades from 9 to 12;      
3. Non-Chinese learning background and less than three years of Chinese learning experiences;      
4. Have great interests in Chinese language and culture;     
5. Healthy enough for international travel.
Chaperones must:
1. Respect and understand Chinese culture;       
2. Good at communication and adaptable to new environments;       
3. With K-12 teaching experiences;       
4. Highly experienced in student management;      
5. Healthy enough for international travel;       
6. Under 50 years old.

Chaperones also need to perform the following duties:
1. Assist Confucius Institutes/Classrooms in pre-departure training for students;
2. Participate in all summer camp activities with students and comply with requirements;
3. Take the primary responsibilities for the safety of students during summer camp;
4. Help students adapt to a new environment and provide guidance for them;
5. Accompany students in an emergency situation and provide help to contact their families;
6. Collect students’ feedback and hand in reports to Confucius Institutes/Classrooms.

The Confucius Institute at UNL will start recruitment from today.  Applicants should send us back application forms, recommendations, CVs, student acknowledgement and a check of $50 deposit (non-refundable if application is approved)  to us at
Summer Camp
Confucius Institute
University of Nebraska Lincoln
W205 NH
PO Box 880542
Lincoln NE 68588

If you have any further questions, please contact Lei Shi at or 402-472-5360.