2012 Confucius Institute Office Staff

In the Chinese Lunar calendar, 2014 is the year of the horse. Chinese pronunciation: Mǎ, written out as 马。
Those born in the previous years of 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942 and 1930 
are characterized as having been born in the
year of the horse too.
It is believed that they are cheerful, quick-witted, kind
to others, and popular. They enjoy adventurous
careers, and are able to see things with clarity. 
It is perceived as a symbol of strength,
intelligence, and ability.

(Left to right) Pingan Huang, Associate Director; Rachel Zeng, Executive
Associate Director; Angela Rystrom, Office Associate; and David Lou, Director.




The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Confucius Institute is a non-profit public institute with a mission of promoting and teaching Chinese language and culture in Lincoln and the state of Nebraska. The UNL Confucius Institute was established and dedicated in 2007 as the 20th Confucius Institute in the United States. More than 350 Confucius Institutes have been established world-wide by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, known as Hanban, a part of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Hanban aims to promote friendly relationships with other countries; enhance understanding of Chinese language and culture among world Chinese learners; and provide a good environment for learning.


Fall 2014 Classes
It's time to sign up for fall classes!!  Start a new hobby of learning Chinese
or continue your skills.  This fall we will feature an exciting new class:  Adult Vocal Music!!
Learn six popular Chinese songs along with basic music theory, sight-reading and ear training skills.
Download flyers for the Fall 2014 semester
UNL and UNO language, music, and culture classes.
Contact Angela at arystrom2@unl.edu to register today!

August 25 Cooking Class!
Join us for the first cooking class of the fall and
make garlic shrimp with broccoli.  It is a flavorful and quick dish
perfect for a busy weekday supper.  The shrimp is crunchy on the
outside with garlic, ginger and green onion and tender on the inside.
Paired with broccoli and steamed rice, it makes a wonderful one-course
meal that is both healthy and satisfying.
We will also re-run the popular appetizer Crab Rangoon.  Many
participants over the last several classes have asked for a
repeat of this perfect combination of crab meat and cream
cheese in a crispy wrapper.
Contact Angela today at arystrom2@unl.edu or 402-472-5370
to reserve your space.  Class is limited to 20 people so be
sure to get your spot today!

LCCA 3rd Annual Children Talent Contest

LCCA will host its third Children's Talent Show on
Saturday, August 23, at 2 pm at UNL City Campus Union
Auditorium Room, 2nd Floor.
Registration is open until August 17.  To register,
email LCCA@live.com and include child(ren)'s name,
grade in fall 2014, show category (instrument playing,
singing, martial arts, drawing, calligraphy, drama, etc).
All eligible children are welcome to showcase their talent.
It has been a fun event for children and parents both.
Photos of past Children's Talent Shows are on LCCA's website
at www.thelcca.org.


  • Children in grades K-12 as of Fall 2014 are eligible to participate.
  • Children can participate in more than one show, as long as the shows are in different categories.
  • Contents relating to Chinese culture are strongly encouraged and will be reflected on scoring criteria.  All shows will be judged by presented and skills.  Judges will use detailed scoring sheets, which will be available at the time of the event.
  • Solo performances are preferred.
  • All performances should be 2-5 minutes.
  • Final award categories will be determined based on the number of contestants.

2013 LCCA Children Talent show - Video Highlights:

2013 LCCA Children Talent Show - Photo Gallery:

Fall Cooking Classes
Mark your calendars now to attend our
popular cooking class this fall!
Classes will be held
August 25
September 29
October 27
December 8

Confucius Institute celebrated Chinese New Year and Chancellor Harvey Perlman's 2013 Confucius Institute Individual Performance Excellence Award with a New Year Reception. 

Dinner Reception Invitation

This beautiful invitation warmly invited UNL colleagues to join Confucius Institute staff at the New Year Reception to celebrate the New Year and Chancellor Perlman's Individual Excellence Award.

Chancellor Perlman Award

Chancellor Harvey Perlman receives the 2013 Confucius Institute Individual Excellence Award.  He is shown here shaking hands with Liu Yandong, who is the Vice Premier of State Council of the People's Republic of China.

Confucius Institute Director Dr. David Lou speaks at the New Year Reception.

UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman speaks at the New Year Reception.

Confucius Institute Executive Associate Director Rachel Zeng introduces the evening's programs.

Young dancers from one of CI's dance classes entertain guests at the Reception.

Older dancers from the other CI Sunday dance class perform at the Reception.

One of the evening's highlights came when CI teacher Autumn Xu sang a duet with Kevin Hanrahan, Associate Professor from UNL School of Music.  Other teachers from CI joined in on the song also.

Confucius Institute staff gathered for a picture at the close of the evening.

The Omaha Chinese Culture Association also celebrated Chinese New Year with a Gala showcasing the talents of many local youth and adults.  Confucius Institute is proud to co-sponsor this event annually. 


Associate Executive Director Rachel Zeng (center in red) accepts the Platinum Award on behalf of Confucius Institute during the New Year Gala.

Dancers from C.I. classes show
off their beautiful skills
at the New Year Gala.

Dancers from one of the C.I. dance classes perform at the New Year Gala.

Dancers from a C.I. dance class entertain the crowd at the New Year Gala.

Confucius Institute dance teachers Weidong Zeng & Lancy Fan performed
with others at the New Year Gala.

Dance students from Confucius Institute  entertain the crowd at the Gala.

Dancers at the OCCA New Year Gala

Confucius Institute dance teacher Lancy Fan, former dance teacher Yi Liu, and CI dance student Alicia Zeng perform at the Gala.

Dancers at Closing

 Closing at Gala

Performers at OCCA New Year Gala 2

The performers gather on-stage to thank everyone for coming.



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